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Start comparing remortgage quotes for free with Honest Johnny. With such a wide variety of remortgage deals available on the market, where is the best place to start? Honest Johnny simplifies your search for better remortgage deals by giving you comparisons best suited to your requirements. We put you in touch with a broker who will help you compare the best remortgage deals available. The Honest Johnny remortgage comparison service saves you the time and effort otherwise spent visiting each and every remortgage provider individually to discuss your requirements over and over again. Instead, Honest Johnny lets the remortgage deals find you! Through simply completing the remortgage comparison form you can get access to the best remortgage deals currently available for your circumstances.

Use Honest Johnny to compare different types of remortgages fast and easily. We cover comparisons on numerous types of remortgages, 100% remortgages, buy to let remortgages, fixed rate remortgage, flexible rate remortgages, interest only remortgages, tracker remortgages, offset remortgages, shared remortgages, or even a bad credit remortgages, Honest Johnny can help you find the best remortgage deal for your circumstances. We have access to independent brokers who will help you secure the best deal and simplify your search for a better remortgage. Our free remortgage comparison service is fast and easy to use, all quotes are no obligation and there's no credit checks at this stage. Start comparing cheaper remortgage deals here.

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Finding the Best Remortgage Deals Online

There are broadly speaking two reasons why a person might consider remortgaging their home. The first is to free up some capital for other purposes, the second is to obtain a better deal from another mortgage provider.

Whichever of these reasons applies in any particular instance, one would be expected to take the opportunity created by the situation to seek out the best remortgage deals that are available at that time to the borrower.

There are a whole multitude of possible reasons why one might wish to free up capital. Sometimes it will be done in order to facilitate improvements to the property itself, such as building an outside extension or adding a room in the attic, or indeed for interior improvements such as decorating or modernising a property. Extending the mortgage period or altering it in some other way releases funds that one may not otherwise have been available to pay for the work.

On the other hand one may simply need some money to pay off debts, or to meet unexpected expenses.

Many borrowers however look for a new remortgage deal in order to secure better terms than the ones they are currently signed up to. A fixed rate mortgage may be proving expensive at a time when interest rates have fallen, or alternatively a variable rate mortgage may not be adhering as closely to the base rate as perhaps it ought to be. Other lenders may be offering attractive terms that were not available, or of which the borrower was not aware, at the time when the initial deal was struck.

A borrower has every right to seek out the best remortgage deals available and, if needs be, to seek a more attractive mortgage package with a different lender. Sometimes the borrower will be tied in to an agreement with an existing mortgage lender, or possibly there will be clauses that invoke charges when the mortgage agreement is cut short, but if the new package still represents good value after due account has been taken of all these obstacles then it will probably be in the borrower’s interests to transfer.

Under the rules one’s existing provider does have the right to try to match the terms of the new offer but if it fails to do so then all bets are off and one is free to move.

All borrowers should be paying regular attention to changes in the world of finance, and should use online comparison sites to research the best remortgage deals that are on offer at any given time. Many people save thousands of pounds by doing just this. If you are currently searching for the best remortgage deal for your requirements, try getting the latest remortgage rates and quotes from the above remortgage deal websites.


More Remortgage Assistance:
A remortgage (also known as refinancing) is the process of paying off one mortgage with the proceeds from a new mortgage using the same property as security. Often the purpose of switching is to secure a more favorable interest rate from a different lender.

The process of remortgaging does not usually involve moving home or taking out a second mortgage on the property; it is in effect the transfer of a mortgage from one lender to another. Homeowners may choose to remortgage for various reasons, including to reduce the size of repayments, to pay off a mortgage earlier, to raise capital, or to consolidate other debts.

Homeowners often confuse the expression remortgage when they are simply switching from one product to another with the same lender; this is not a remortgage which involves the removal of one legal charge over a property and its substitution with another in favour of a new lender.


100 Percent Remortgages

A mortgage that will replace your existing mortgage, usually at preferable interest rates, even if you have no equity in your property. It will provide you with 100% of the value of your existing property. Currently there are no lenders in the UK that will provide remortgage funding in excess typically of 95%, however please compare providers using our remortgage comparisons above to secure the best remortgage deal for your own requirements.


Bank Remortgage
A mortgage from a bank that will replace your existing mortgage, usuallly at a better interest rates than your existing lender. A remortgage simply replaces your existing lender without having to move home.

Building Society Remortgage
A mortgage from a building society that you will utilise to replace your existing mortgage, without moving property.

Business Remortgages
Commercial mortgages that will replace your existing commerial mortgage without having to sell your business or commercail premises. The main purpose of businessremortgages is to either raise capital or reduce mortgage repayments.


Capital Raising
Capital raising is used to find additional funds for debt consolidation purposes Capital raising usually occurs when a property is remortgaged and more funds than are necessary to pay off the existing mortgage are taken.

Cash Back Remortgage
A mortgage interest rate product that will pay you a cash lump sum for switching your mortgage from your existing lender.

Commercial Remortgages
A mortgage designed to replace an existing mortgage, without the need to sell your existing property,that was originally used to assist in the purchase of a business or commercial property.

Consolidation Remortgage
A mortgage that allows you to consolidate outstanding debts such as loans and credit cards without having to move house. This type of mortgage allows you to reduce your monthly expense by adding expensive short term debts such as credit cards onto your mortgage whilst changing lenders.


Debt Remortgage
A mortgage that allows you to consolidate outstanding debts such as loans and credit cards without having to move house. This type of mortgage allows you to reduce your monthly expense by adding expensive short term debts such as credit cards onto your mortgage whilst changing lenders.


Endowment Redress
An endowment redress is the process of righting or compensating for an endowment that has not fulfilled it’s intended purpose.

Equity Release
Equity Release Schemes typically lend you a percentage of your home property's value in exchange for a share of the proceeds when you die. In almost all cases you will need to be at least 60 years of age, your property should be unencumbered (have no outstanding mortgage), and be in a satisfatory condition. Equity release schemes can give you a lump sum payment, a regular income, or in some instances both. Equity Release is not for everyone and you should seek advice from your IFA to help establish if Equity Release is right for you. To compare equity release providers, click here.


Mortgage Refinance
Mortgage refinance is when you choose to select another mortagge lender and switch your mortgage account without moving or selling your home.


No Fee Remortgage
If you choose to switch your mortgage advance from your existing lender a No Fee Remortgage will allow you to do this without incurring any up front costs.


Property Finance
Property finance, commonly referred to as a mortgage or remortgage, is a loan that is secured on a property. Also referred to as homeowner loans, home loans, etc.


Refinance Mortgage
A term used to describe switching your mortgage from one company to another without moving or selling your home.

Remortgage Interest Rates
The interest rates options that are offered by lendersfrom whichyou can select when choosing a remortgage.

Remortgage Lenders
Mortgage lenders who specifically lend in the remortgage market.

Remortgage Rates
The interest rate options available from lenders who are providing mortgages for the remortgage market.

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