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Use the Honest Johnny free search and comparison service to compare leading pension and annuity schemes. We will put you in touch with a personal pensions and annuities expert who will discuss your pension requirements and compile a selection of the best pension or annuity schemes available that meet your objectives. Our pension & annuity comparison service is completely free, and all quotes are no obligation and don't require any credit check at this stage. Honest Johnny removes all the hassle and endurance of searching through endless pension and annuity schemes, instead giving you one-to-one access with an expert who can assist you with your pension or annuity search and help you secure the best plan with an increased income upon your retirement. Begin your search for a better annuities scheme here.

Retirement is an inevitable part of our life! We all work towards having a peaceful and enjoyable retirement where we can live out the finer years of our lives using the savings we have amassed throughout our working life. Choosing the right pension or annuity scheme as early in your working life as possible is often vital to ensuring you receive a decent-sized regular income upon retirement. Leave it too late and your scheme may not meet your monthly needs. Pension and annuity plans generally work by growing year-on-year through compounding interest on a long-term basis, so the earlier you start putting money into a plan, the greater it will compound over your working life and the more it will be worth in the future. Whilst starting a pension plan young is important, also choosing the right plan can make a huge difference to the amount you receive in the future. Using the Honest Johnny pensions and annuities comparison service can help you find the best plans for your requirements, ultimately giving you a better insight into the highest returns available upon retirement. Our comparisons are completely free and could make a great difference to your retirement, start comparing pension schemes now.

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Further Information on Pensions, Pension Funds & Pension Schemes:

A pension is classed as a steady income given to a person, usually after retirement. Pensions are typically payments made in the form of a guaranteed annuity to a retired or disabled employee. Some retirement plan designs accumulate a cash balance through a selection of mechanisms that a retiree can draw upon at retirement, rather than promising annuity payments. These are often also called pensions. In either case, a pension created by an employer for the benefit of an employee is commonly referred to as an occupational or employer pension. Unions, the government, or other organisations may also fund pensions.

Occupational pensions are a form of deferred compensation, usually advantageous to employee and employer for tax reasons. Many pensions also contain an insurance aspect, since they often will pay benefits to survivors or disabled beneficiaries, while annuity income insures against the risk of longevity.
While other vehicles (an annuity for example) may provide a similar stream of payments, the common use of the term pension is to describe the payments a person receives upon retirement, usually under pre-determined legal and/or contractual terms.

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Market structure
The market for pension fund investments is still centred around Anglo-Saxon economies. Originally back in 2005 the United States was the largest market for pension fund investments followed by the UK.

Pension reforms have gained significant pace worldwide in recent years and funded arrangements are likely to play an increasingly important role in delivering retirement income security and also affect securities markets in future years.

What is a Pension fund?
A Pension fund is a pool of assets forming an independent legal entity that are bought with the contributions to a pension plan for the exclusive purpose of financing pension plan benefits.

Pension funds are important shareholders of listed and private companies. They are especially important to the stock market where large institutional investors dominate. The Economist reported that Morgan Stanley estimates that pension funds world-wide hold over £10 trillion in assets, the largest for any category of investor ahead of mutual funds, insurance companies, currency reserves, sovereign-wealth funds, hedge funds, or private equity.

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Open versus closed pension funds
Open pension funds support at least one pension plan with no restriction on membership while closed pension funds support only pension plans that are limited to certain employees.

Closed pension funds are further sub-classified into:
- Single employer pension funds
- Multi-employer pension funds
- Related member pension funds
- Individual pension funds

Public versus private pension funds
A public pension fund is one that is regulated under public sector law while a private pension fund is regulated under private sector law. In certain countries the distinction between public or government pension funds and private pension funds may be difficult to assess.


Source of Information: Wikipedia
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