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Whether it's a 0% credit card offer, cheaper car insurance, secured loans or debt help, a cheap hotel room, a bargain last minute eBay deal, or a lower mortgage or remortgage deal you're looking for, Honest Johnny is here to help you save time and money by letting you find and compare the leading providers in one place, helping you locate your best deal.
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Honest Johnny brings you leading finance comparisons on the most popular and most searched finance products in the United Kingdom. We update all of our special financial offers on a daily basis to ensure you are finding the latest loan rates, best credit card deals, cheaper insurance, honest loan companies, and the best value. We compare hundreds of providers in all our categories and introduce you only to those that best meet your financial requirements. Due to the amount of products we compare, we can give you leading impartial comparisons that will help you secure a better deal on the products you are comparing. With so many loan providers, credit card offers, cheap home and car insurance providers, great pension schemes, investments offering leading high yield returns, endless current accounts and savings accounts, cheap life insurance and health insurance to mention but a few, how can you really be sure you're getting a good deal? Honest Johnny compares hundreds of these providers in one place to save you the time and hassle, leaving you to pick through only a handful of the select leading finance offers that best meet your needs. Compare and buy with the help of Honest Johnny - The consumers advocate!
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Why use a finance comparison site?
Finance comparison sites let you compare a wide range of financial deals offered by all the top credit providers in one place, saving you the time and trouble of going to each provider individually and requesting quotes one by one. Before the days of finance comparison sites, people had to normally rely on the Yellow Pages and spend an afternoon calling around getting quotes from various companies. But as there are so many finance companies and car insurers, most people would only call 3 or 4 before making a decision between one of them quotes, meaning very often they weren’t getting a whole market comparison and possibly paying a higher price than they actually needed to. Finance comparison sites bring together all the top providers and display quotes from all of these companies, sometimes 20-30 of them, for you to choose from. This not only saves you time as you will only need to input your details once, but it almost always saves you money. This is why a finance comparison site is so useful. Car insurance quotes in particular have been streamlined through the use of finance comparison sites, where you now only need to enter one set of details to bring car insurance quotes up from 30+ car insurers. If you decided to phone all 30 car insurance companies up for a quote it would take you the best part of a day to make all the phone calls, repeat the same information over and over, and half the time be told at the end of the phone call that they cannot offer you cover anyway. Car insurance comparison websites save you time and money, and you should always get a new quote each year – do not simply re-new your car insurance without getting comparison car insurance quotes, each year there are new car insurers, new car insurance deals to be had, and money to be saved.

The history of finance comparison sites in the UK
Moneysupermarket was one of the first mainstream finance comparison websites, offering comparisons on most major financial products that UK people need access to, this included cheap loans, credit cards, car insurance, pensions, bank accounts, and home insurance. They quickly expanded to offer travel insurance and launched a dedicated travel website called travelsupermarket specifically targeting and comparing package holiday deals, cheap flights and hotel bookings, later expanding to also incorporate hire car comparisons amongst other products. Moneysupermarket ruled the finance comparison industry for a long time, and to this day is still one of the largest financial comparison websites in the UK. However as time passed by, other finance comparison websites also began to launch their own versions of Moneysupermarket – websites such as Gocompare, comparethemarket, and beatthatquote all offered a similar service branded differently but ultimately giving consumers the same ability to compare financial products via their website. There were many others that still sit in the background and are much smaller, however these main finance comparison websites gathered momentum and managed to break into the mainstream with the help of large advertising budgets, clever marketing, and customer retention strategies. Confused decided to focus mainly on the car insurance comparison market but has now diversified into credit card comparisons, banking comparisons, home insurance comparisons, energy supplier comparisons and more. Similarly, uswitch originally set up to allow the UK public to compare energy prices and energy suppliers to get a better deal on their gas and electricity, however as they grew they also realised the additional potential income to be gained from offering comparisons of other services such as car insurance quotes and credit cards, and now give access to all of these comparisons via their website, even though most people still mainly associate uswitch with the comparisons of energy suppliers, gas and electric, in the UK. The finance comparisons industry is now a crowded space in the UK, and the main 4 or 5 finance comparison websites are all competing for most of the business. Finance comparison sites will shortly need to take on a new twist to reinvent their services and further differentiate themselves from their competitors. Currently none of them have any major USP’s over one another – all are very much at the top of the finance comparison game, however the next generation of finance comparison websites will not be too far off that offer the consumer even better, simpler, more interactive comparison services and take the comparisons of financial products to the next level.

The HonestJohnny website collates al the current leading comparison companies and displays them in order of relevance alongside useful product information to assist in the area of comparison you are currently looking at. Our website is designed as a free informational service that also displays real-time results of the main companies within the field you are searching, helping you to narrow down your choices of financial product providers to the main few that are currently offering deals in your chosen sector. Spend some time looking around our finance comparison pages, you will find a lot of useful information in all areas of this website, allowing you to make informed comparisons of credit cards, banking providers, cheap loans, car insurance, pensions and annuities, savings accounts, van insurance, home insurance, mortgages, remortgage deals, asset finance, business finance, energy comparisons, leading investments, and so much more. Start comparing today.


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