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Honest Johnny - the consumers' advocate!
Honest Johnny and his team are here to get you better deals and save you money on everything from your credit cards through to loans, mortgages, insurance, pensions, banking & shopping. Honest Johnny is your free comparison expert on hand 24 hours a day. Give him a try!
Why spend hours online trawling through endless websites searching for cheap loans, mortgage quotes, credit cards or the latest must-have gadgets? Use our free, quick and easy service to find quotes on virtually all financial and non-financial products. Whether it's a 0% credit card offer, cheaper car insurance or secured loan you're looking for, Honest Johnny can help you save time and money by letting you compare leading providers in one place, getting you the best deal.

Get the best deals from a wide range of leading providers
If you are currently looking for cheap loans, mortgage quotes, new credit cards, shopping comparisons, or even car insurance quotes - Honest Johnny has all these and much more in one place. We go to work for you to bring you the very best quotes from leading providers in a wide variety of markets. By comparing with Honest Johnny you're saving yourself time and money by letting the quotes come to you! No more waiting on hold for call centres to answer your call, let actual leading providers and professionals call you with their best figures instead! Honest Johnny is ideal if you're looking at all forms of finance and insurance, whether it's equity release for home improvements, a much deserved holiday, or even just to free up some retirement cash, you can compare the best quotes in one place and make an informed decision on which products you wish to apply for in the knowledge you have secured a great deal.

You can start right now! Simply click any of the tabs at the top of the page to be taken to your chosen area and start comparing today. You could start saving money right now!

How does Honest Johnny help me in my search for the best products?

Honest Johnny works as your eyes and ears to search out the best possible deals for your circumstances. No matter what you're searching for, if we've got it available to compare you could start saving yourself money today. Honest Johnny covers the most popular financial and non-financial products for comparison and application purposes, saving you time and effort through not having to walk up and down the highstreets looking at each provider individually, un-ravelling their marketing material, and getting down to the nitty-gritty - how much can I save with them? Honest Johnny gives you free impartial advice to ensure you can compare the best quotes from leading providers at your own convenience and from the comfort of your own home.

Our website allows you to search out the best rates, check out product comparisons, receive quotes and advice, and also speak directly to professionals to get advice on which is the best decision to make for your given circumstances. Comparing takes only seconds, so why not give Honest Johnny a try now.

How does Honest Johnny secure the best deals?
Honest Johnny has affiliations with many of the UK's leading brokers and providers to ensure a totally impartial service can be offered. Through pitting all the providers against each other, it ultimately ensures you receive the most competitive quote for your circumstances, getting you the best deals available.

How does the Honest Johnny website work?
To get started, you first need to select which products you are interested in comparing or applying for. You can do this by simply clicking your chosen tab at the top of the page. You will then be taken to a search area where you can enter a few simple details which then allows you to start comparing the leading rates for your requirements. We can then begin searching for the providers that best match your requirements.

Honest Johnny - The Consumers' Advocate.