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Best Insurance for Mobile Spray Tan Technicians and Salons Needing Spray Tan Insurance and Salon Insurance

Mobile Spray Tan Insurance Providers
As a salon owner or a mobile spray tanning technician you need to make sure that you have suitable insurance cover in place before you offer your services to the public. If you do not have insurance cover then you are leaving yourself liable to becoming personally responsible for paying any financial compensation to the customer should they get injured by your work or on your premises which has resulted in a claim being made against you or your business.

Mobile Spray Tanning Insurance is not normally too expensive and most insurance companies who specialise in offering salon insurance, hairdressing insurance, nail technician insurance or similar should be able to help and provide you with a competitive insurance quote.

Through having a comprehensive insurance policy for you mobile spray tanning business or spray tan salon, you are fully protecting yourself against most eventualities should the worst happen and any of your customers decide to try and take you to court for damages. Of course, insurance policies do not cover everything, so it is very worthwhile discussing your requirements with your insurance broker to ensure you are getting suitable cover.

Some mobile spray tan insurance policies may not cover you for all the areas you need, and you may therefore need to shop around for the best spray tan technician insurance policy and get all the cover you need for your business. Check out the leading spray tan insurance companies and salon insurance providers recommended above.

If you are based at a salon, you should enquire to see if you are already covered under their existing salon insurance policy – if so you may not actually need to get further insurance as long as you only operate within that insured salon. Their insurance policy probably would not cover you if you were also going out to spray tan customers in their own home, at which point you would probably need your own spray tan insurance to cover you in the customers own home.
Mobile spray tanning is becoming hugely popular and is a great way to make a living, just make sure you treat it as a business and get the proper insurance.

A good tip is to always clarify with your insurance company that you are only offering spray tanning and are not involved with UV tanning (unless of course you are!), as you will find that many insurance companies will charge a premium to businesses operating UV tanning machines as they are classed as dangerous and have a high risk of damaging a customer's skin, therefore increasing the chances of a claim being made against the policy. Spray tanning is completely UV-free and therefore does not pose the same risks, however some business insurance companies still do not understand the difference between spray tanning and UV tanning, and therefore just base the price of the spray tanning policy on that of a UV tanning one, meaning it costs you more money for no reason whatsoever.

Therefore always make sure you are very clear with your insurance policy provider so they know exactly what type of spray tan business you are operating so the policy can be accurately priced and you are suitably covered.

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