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Credit Card Guide, Balance Transfer Offers and Rewards for Loyal Customers

Credit Card Guide

Which is the right card for me?
Firstly you should try to identify what type of credit card user you are. Do you pay off your balance in full each month? Do you only pay off the minimum amount required by the credit card company? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle, paying off whatever you can afford in that given month? Also, you should think about what is most important to you - are you looking for a low interest card, or are you more interested in the associated rewards offered by a credit card special offer?

I pay off the full balance each month
If you are the type of person who has the required control to pay off your full credit card balance each month, then you should be looking for a credit card that offers an interest-free period or alternatively a credit card that offers a very low interest introductory rate. You may find that the standard interest the credit card company charges is often higher than other similar cards, but that shouldn't really come into play because you are paying off your balance in full each month, therefore the credit card company doesn't have an existing balance left on your card on which they can apply interest charges.

I tend to not pay off the whole balance each month
You should be looking to take advantage of credit cards with low interest rates offered on a longer term or a fixed period. The amount of interest-free days offered doesn't really come into play as you are still most probably going to have a balance after this period, so look for the best long-term low interest rate deals that best suit your requirements. It's worth checking to see when the credit card provider actually starts to impose their interest costs, the later this date the better the deal for you.

Credit Card Fees
Each and every credit card provider will have a list of associated fees that you agree to obide by when you sign up for the card. Typical fees are charged for late payments or missed payments, taking cash out of a machine, using your credit card abroad, plus others to name just a few. You should always aim to pay your monthly payment at least a few days prior to the deadline date to allow for payment processing, postal services and other circumstances that may delay payment reaching the providers.

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