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Online Banking Tips, Safety and Guidelines

Online Banking - Keep Safe Whilst Online

53 million internet users or 44% of the internet community use internet or online banking for processing their own transactions. Two very significant factors play a very important role in explaining the ongoing increase in the use of online banking services:-

1) There is the availability of internet itself. With broadband in most homes, more and more people are using the internet and are therefore more comfortable with it. The initial fear of this technology is being replaced with the positive benefits that internet brings to everyone.

Research suggests that the 28 to 39 year old age group are more likely to use the online banking service. This makes sense because this sector of the market is made up of high earners. It is no coincidence that this age group; by virtue of their familiarity with this technology, use the internet and online banking so that they can make better use of their time.

2) Online or internet banking offers the flexibility and the ease with which one can conduct ones financial affairs online. Imagine the scenario, you are on a train from Edinburgh to London and you have 7 hours before you board a plane to America, no time left in the office.

But you could connect your laptop to the internet via a wi-fi spot or by using a mobile modem. Very often people work over-time in the office to finish things off because they are leaving to go on holiday or going on business. However there is no longer a need to rush because you can log into your online banking account from any where in the world and do the business. Your password is your access to your own online account and the rest is just a couple of clicks away.

There are security and safe transactions issues associated with internet banking such as:-

1) People steeling your identity by hacking into your account and then spending your money.

2) You giving your account information to unscrupulous online scammer - known as phishing. You can fall prey to email scams asking you to update your information because of some security issues. Such emails can persuade you to pass your sensitive account details for fraudsters to copy, sell and distribute to criminals across the world.

3) If you keep your account/password information in your wallet then in the event of your wallet being stolen or lost your secure data can end up finding itself in the hands of criminals..

All things considered, the benefits of online banking far out way the disadvantages of the service. You can minimise the risk of fraud by implementing your own security. Simple measures to keep your account information to yourself like memorising your password and not replying to e-mails asking for your information to be updated will go a long way to protect you against online fraud. If hackers hack into the banks security system and steel all your money then the bank's own insurance will make your loss good. So there is no issue there for you to be concerned about. As long as you maintain good levels of common-sense when it comes to your personal details and sensitive information, in almost all instances you'll be perfectly fine.

Honest Johnny - The Consumers' Advocate.

Article Author: T. Vettle

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